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CCPS Digital Device Guide

CCPS Digital Device Guide

i3 CCPS Program Instructional and Usage Guide
The Calhoun County Public School district provides this guide so that students and their parents/guardians can become familiar with the district's i3 CCPS Program. It contains a brief overview of the initiative, frequently asked questions, forms and other information.

All Calhoun County Public Schools are committed to preparing our students to be highly successful as they graduate and pursue their passions/goals for further education. Our schools are initiating the use of individual computing devices in the classroom. This is part of our ongoing search for ways to provide students with the tools they need to support their learning and to prepare them for higher educational opportunities and careers.

The i3 CCPS Program is not about the digital device. It is about what a personal device will enable our students to do. Students will have these devices 24 hours a day, seven days a week during the school year. The devices will give students access to the most current information available through the district's internet service and the district's Learning Management System. Students will electronically complete and turn in assignments, homework, projects or research, while interactive applications will help them improve their reading fluency, build mathematical skill or create their own study cards.

Providing our students with these powerful tools is an important part of their education. We want all of our students to think critically and creatively, communicate effectively, problem solve and collaborate using the most productive tools of the day. They must become the new generation of leaders and global citizens for our community, state and nation.

Developing these advanced learning skills is critical for our students as they prepare for a world defined by constant change, revolutionary technology and rapid access to to global information and resources. With these devices, we provide students with the tools they need to support their learning and to prepare them for higher educational opportunities and careers. Our schools must keep up with this fast pace. This technology has to evolve to effectively engage students in new ways and empower them with a world of opportunities.

We will not be able to immediately eliminate textbooks, as not all textbook publishers provide electronic copies of all their textbooks. That in not our primary objective. Teachers will be able to supplement materials found in textbooks with information they create using various multimedia or with information already available online. Our goal is to prepare our students to become world class leaders and productive members of society. We are excited to bring the i3 CCPS Program to our students and their families. We ask all of you to join us on this journey into the new century.